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The first aluminum alloy rims appeared on the market in 1970. Aluminum rims were a lightweight alternative to steel rims. Aluminum rims offered better performance and a shapelier appearance than steel rims and hubcaps.

In the automotive industry, alloy wheels are wheels made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium. Of all types, forged aluminum wheels are the most expensive wheels. Forged aluminum wheels are stronger but lighter than alloy wheels. Scrapping aluminum wheels isn’t so precisely distinguished.

Scrapping aluminum rims Buy Aluminum Car Wheel Scrap

Some alloy rims aren’t pure, like the steel rims mentioned above. These alloy rims aren’t worth as much, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scrap them. If a rim is magnetic, it’s not pure aluminum. You’ll often see alloys in the form of gray, matte rims rather than shiny, silver rims; they have a color baked into the surface for esthetic reasons, which is an easy way to spot them at first glance.

Prices for alloy rims

Prices for this scrap metal depending on where you live, the quality of the rim, and many other factors. You can expect to get around 50 cents per pound or a little more for alloy rims. If you have a large pile of rims, you should sort out all the alloy rims. The lowest value in the bunch determines the price for the whole bunch, so make sure your best rims are in a bunch by themselves.

At Scrap Stop, we offer the best prices in the area. Plus, we want to save you the hassle that often comes with a trip to the scrap yard. Bring your rims to us today and we’ll make sure you get picked up and paid for in no time.

Aluminum rims aren’t just for cars and trucks. You can also use them on:

  • Trailers
  • Off-road motorcycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Tractors
  • ATVs
  • Certain types of rims for large machines

Therefore, you should look for aluminum wherever you can find scrap. The best way to find aluminum is to have a magnet with you. Aluminum doesn’t stick to a magnet like other metals, so this is a good test to find pure scrap metal. Many rims contain steel, which will lower the price when you visit the scrap yard.


Element Content

Item Quality standard
Si 0.2-0.6%
Fe 0.35%
Cu 0.1%
Mn 0.1%
Mg 0.45-0.9%
Cr 0.1%
Zn 0.1%


Applications (Buy Aluminum Car Wheel Scrap)

1. Mainly used for melting ingot

2. Discontinuous melting with scrap

3. Easy control and operation

4. Fast melting

5. Energy saving

This aluminum scrap is produced in the production of industrial waste. For example scrap aluminum wire, scrap aluminum ingot, and so on

6. It is mainly used to pull back non-ferrous metals: Copper scrap, aluminum scrap, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, auto spare parts, non-ferrous metal scrap, pressure slag, broken glass, electronic scrap, and so on.


Cheap aluminum wheel scrap available for sale (Buy Aluminum Car Wheel Scrap)

Aluminum scrap is used in recycling processes because of its optimal usability, low price, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and strength. Aluminum typically weighs only about one-third that of a steel part of the same size and is much more resistant to corrosion. We offer you various forms of scrap such as bars, sheets, wires, cables, wheels, shredders, clips, heavy parts, die castings, carriers, cans, tanks, mixed materials, etc.


We offer most aluminum scrap grades such as Tense Taint / Tabor, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, Wheels, Twitch, Talon, Shredded TT, Aircraft Scrap, Zorba, etc. for various aluminum alloy manufacturers and suppliers

Aluminum scrap consists of unalloyed and clean aluminum particles and is sourced from reliable suppliers in the market. These scraps are used in many different industries and are known for their reliability, lightweight, and high performance. They’re processed for the manufacture of aluminum-based products.


Pure 99.9% aluminum wheel scrapPure 99.9% aluminum wheel scrapPure 99.9% aluminum wheel scrapPure 99.9% aluminum wheel scrapPure 99.9% aluminum wheel scrap


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