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An ingot is a piece of pure metal, such as aluminum. The ingot is then cast into a mold for further processing. Aluminum ingots for casting are pure, strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Aluminum ingots are non-ferrous products made by pouring molten aluminum into special molds. These molds come in different sizes and shapes, and the resulting ingots have different appearances. Today, aluminum is the second most widely used metal in the world after iron. The widespread use of this metal in various industries has led to special attention being paid to its identification and extraction from existing mines in the country.

Applications of aluminum ingots: Buy Cheap Aluminum Ingot Online

  • Remelting industries
  • Transportation industry (aircraft, automobile, truck, shipbuilding, railroad, etc.)
  • Packaging industry
  • Production of cans and foils
  • Production of building doors and windows
  • Production of building wall cladding
  • Household appliances
  • Electrical transmission lines
  • Glass industry
  • Production of castings
  • Buy Aluminum Ingot Online

Types of aluminum ingots. (Buy Cheap Aluminum Ingot Online)

There are several types of aluminum ingots, the purity, and size of which determine their type. These two basic parameters cause the ingots to be assigned to different industries and applications. The weight types of aluminum ingots and their applications include the following:

  • 50 pounds ingot Foundry and machine-building industries
  • 100 pounds ingot alloy and parts



1000 Series
Alloy Or Not
Secondary Or Not
Chemical Composition
Al (Min)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
30%TT+70% Balance
1 Ton
Paid Available


Special Characteristics:
1.Density: 2.702g/cm³.
2. Melting point: 660.37 degrees Celsius
3. Boiling point: 2467.0 degrees Celsius
4. Color: silver white
5. Chemical composition (main component): Aluminum (Al)
6. Form: Pressed (wire, wheel, tense, and tabor).
7. Origin: Turkey/Poland

Packaging Details (Buy Cheap Aluminum Ingot Online)

1. Compressed as a rectangular block
2. 25kg/bulk, 1000kg/bag
3. Or according to customer’s requirements

3.Shipping: Delivery can be made within 15 days after receiving the deposit.

(1) Mainly used for melting ingot.
(2)Discontinuous melting with scrap metal
(3)Easy control and operation
(4)Fast melting
(5)Energy-saving This aluminum scrap is produced in the production of industrial waste. For example aluminum scrap wire, aluminum scrap block, and so on.
(6)It’s mainly used to pull back non-ferrous metals: Copper scrap, aluminum scrap, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, auto spare parts, non-ferrous metal scrap, pressure slag, broken glass, electronic scrap, and so on.

√ Fast melting
√ Energy saving
√ Easy control and operation
√ Corrosion-resistant
√ Conductive conductivity
√ Can be stretched
√ Green and environmentally friendly metal materials that can be recycled

Q1. What’s the minimum order quantity and what’s the delivery time?
1) For samples, 1 ton is available to check the quality and test the market. Delivery is within 2 days and delivered door to door by air freight.
2) For bulk orders, the delivery time is 15 days for 50 tons, and 20-25 days for 100 tons.

Q2: What’re your payment terms?
1) For samples, Paid samples will be shipped immediately if in stock.
2) For bulk orders, 30% T/T as deposit and 70% T/T before delivery. Before you pay the balance, we’ll show you the photos of your products and packages.

Q3. Do you have the products in stock?
Yes, we always have more than 10 tons of the standard version in stock, so you can get the samples in the shortest time.

Fireworks production:
1. mainly used for melting ingot

2. discontinuous melting with scrap

3. easy control and operation

4. fast melting

5. energy saving This aluminum scrap is produced in the production of industrial waste. such as aluminum scrap wire, aluminum scrap block, and so on.

We also have 6063 aluminum extrusion scrap, aluminum wire scrap, aluminum utensil scrap, al wire, etc in stock, and can ship them out immediately.
Besides, we’ve plastic scrap and copper scrap in stock, which can be shipped immediately and delivered worldwide.

Specifications high-performance products wide range 6063 aluminum extrusion scrap for sale


interior decoration / building material / furniture / cabinets / elevators / car interior decoration / household appliances / aerospace and military aspect / aircraft construction / the Shenzhous spacecraft series / satellite / etc.


light weight / good toughness / good anodizing property / excellent casting performance / easily stretchable / non-magnetic and easy to ignite / strong ability to reflect visible light / good conductivity of heat and electricity.



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