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99.99% Pure Copper Ingot
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Cu (Min)
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5 tons
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7-15 Days
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  • High-purity copper ingots are a very special metal for us, as our operations encompass all aspects of the copper business, from mining to smelting to processing. Below we will examine our success in purifying copper as an example of our purification research. The tables below show the analytical results of impurities in the purest copper in the world (6N: 99.9999%Cu). This analysis was performed by glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDMS), which allows microanalysis of all elements. The result shows the highest purity of copper and proves that the amounts of all other elements except copper are below the detection limit. It is well known that ultra-high purity metals differ significantly in nature from ordinary metals.

    High-purity copper ingots can be used as additives directly in aerospace applications, for atomic industrial superalloys, for the development of new alloys, and for the analysis of standard samples. It can also be by mechanical processing preparation into high purity copper foil shielding materials for nuclear reactor.

The concave side is the top during the casting process.

It shrinks inward as it cools.

The casting mold (mold or container for the molten metal) often has a triangular profile so that the ingots can be easily tipped out of the mold – so the top side is the widest surface. When the ingots have cooled (a 10-pound lead ingot takes more than an hour to cool), they’re flipped over and the top surface, which is the widest, is now on the bottom.

Copper Ingot Bars

Pure Copper (99.9%+)



Raw Copper

  • Hand Poured
  • Ingots will range from 1lb-0oz to 1lb-6oz
  • Orders of One ingot will receive 1lb (454g) ingot Minimum Weight.
  • Orders of multiple ingots may receive bars weighing less than 1lb (454g). The average weight of all ingots combined will equal or exceed 1lb (454g) per bar.   Example: 15oz ingot + 1lb- 1oz ingot = 1lb average

The item photographed in this listing is NOT the exact item you will receive. All bars will vary in appearance and thickness.

Copper for various reasons

  1. Thermal conductivity: the refrigerant flows through the coil, which transfers the heat of the room to the outdoor unit, where the refrigerant is cooled again to flow again through the evaporator and complete the next cycle of transfer. On the scale of thermal conductivity, copper ranks second, right after silver, while aluminum ranks fifth and other alloys perform much worse. The high thermal conductivity of copper helps to lower the room temperature much faster.
  2. Power consumption: in an inverter AC, where the compressor can be operated at different speeds, power consumption is lower when the speed is low. The faster the heat transfer is completed, the sooner the compressor speed is lowered, resulting in low power consumption. If an alloy is used instead of copper, heat transfer is delayed, resulting in high power consumption.
  3. Durability: Copper has a much higher density than aluminum or iron. Because of this higher density, the metal has a very high evaporation temperature, making it last longer in numerous condensation and evaporation processes.
  4. Repairable: Leaks in copper tubing are easily repaired by soldering. If your technician’s visit is delayed, you can use a few layers of copper tape to achieve decent temperatures. With aluminum or another alloy, we may need to weld to repair leaks. The welding heat and melt can react with the refrigerant in a way that defeats its purpose, and so repairing leaks often involves refilling refrigerant, which actually costs more than repairing copper tubing.
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