C21000 is the most common corrosion resistant copper alloy. C21000 has excellent corrosion resistance, good deep tensile properties, ductility, moderate electrical conductivity, and good strength. Typical uses of the C21000 include ammunition assemblies, coins, commemorative medallions, and a wide variety of other applications. C21000 is a copper-zinc alloy that is stronger and more durable than copper alloy. C21000 is an excellent corrosion-resistant, ductile, highly conductive metal used in industrial and electrical industries.
Cu: 94.0 ~ 96.0 ; Zn: Residual Lead Pb: ≤0.05 ; P: ≤0.01 ; Fe: ≤0.05 ; Sb: ≤0.005 ; Bi: ≤0.002 ,Note: ≤0.2(impurities)
Mechanical properties of
Tensile strength σ B (MPa): 10(%); Elongation of 205 or more; δ: 35 elongation or δ (%): 42
Copper has a very wide range of applications, covering energy and petrochemical industry, transportation, electronics and electric power industry, machinery and metallurgy industry, and other fields has a pivotal role, the division of each country for copper brand is also the same, my company specializing in the production of various specifications of copper products, cost-effective, large inventories.

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